Attacks Are Becoming Much More Sophisticated

Earlier this week Kaspersky Lab posted a press release elucidating a sophisticated attack their labs discovered last Fall.  Kaspersky has dubbed the attack “Darkhotel”.  It is a fascinating tale of a modern espionage ring that sounds like something out of the seminal cyberpunk novel Neuromancer.  It is hard to tell who is behind these attacks targeting globe-trotting […]

We Are Watching You

Recently there has been a lot of media hoopla over a website that displays IP cameras from all over the world.  The site looks to be based in Russia and purports to exist in order to demonstrate the importance of changing your device’s default credentials. “This site has been designed in order to show the […]

Data, Data, Everywhere

When organizations like the White House and JP Morgan can not keep their data safe, how in the world are small businesses and individuals supposed to keep their information safe? Computer Security has become a large field with many aspects.  There is an old saying in Computer Security; the absolutely secure computer is the completely […]